Zombies List Pictures Needed

Like a 17 year old virgin on prom night who thinks she is cool by bringing a 25 year guy. They are ready to be infected.

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Please Note that since we have no numerical data, all data below for speed, power, and tips is purely speculation. Data with a question mark may be inaccurate, but it is (hopefully) a close-enough guess.
By tips, we mean the amount acquired from tips compared to the money from meals.
'Low' tips means that the zombie's tips will be lower than 1/15.

This is a list of characters that we still need images.

Tier Occupation Cost Speed Power Gender Tips Level
Free Generic (Female) None Slow Weak F Low 1
Cash Politician (Male) $100 Slow Weak M 1/10 1
Cash CEO $1,500 Fast Medium M High 12