Need to get stuff done? Look here to buy all the functional things your zombies will need to serve your customers. All of the utilities that you start out with will have a certain grimy charm that you just can't buy nowadays.

Item Cost Benefit Experience Level Required
Magic Fridge 30 vials Gives one dish per day 1
Basic Stove $500 Enables Cooking 8xp 1
Basic Counter Top $500 Enables Serving 8xp 1
Basic Sink $500 Enables Cleanup 8xp 1
Basic Fridge $500 Enables Food Storage 8xp 1
Red Bin $1500 Enables cleanup 23xp 1
Stainless Steel Stove $25,000 Plus two stars 375xp 1
Stainless Steel Counter Top $15,000 Plus one star 225xp 1
Stainless Steel Sink $25,000 Plus two stars 375xp 1
Stainless Steel Fridge $25,000 Plus two stars 375xp 1
Black Fridge $25,000 Plus one star 375xp 1?
Black Stove 20 vials Plus one star/fast cooking 1?
Grill 2 vials Enables Cooking/Plus one star 80xp 1?
Mad Scientist Counter Top $7000 Decoration 105xp 10
Wooden Counter Top $2,000 Decoration 30xp 15
Hippie Counter Top 2 vials Plus one star 80xp 15
Hippie Bin 3000 Decoration 45xp 15
Marble Counter Top $50000 Plus two stars 18