Update List
  • Updated the Special list within the store. Working on pictures.

if it bleeds we can kill eat it. - the governator, 1987

  • steriods will turn you green
  • Completed most of the new thumbnail Dish List only five known dishes left. Just need to format a couple more things the design and this will be rolled live.
  • Finally finished the Zombie List page. All zombie should now be edited through their respective pages.
  • Verified the Toxin Hack. It works check out my results. I recommend not playing around it too much. The game stops at level 20 :-(
  • Working on new Dish List complete with thumbnails. Let us know what you think here
  • Fixed Zombie display issue in IE 9 Beta… (yea I have it installed…FML)
  • Site has been up for a bit over two weeks and I would like to point out that we are now over 6,000 hits per day!
  • Look forward to a new design to the site layout, i work on a machine that runs uber high resolution yet, the current site only runs at about 900. I am going to change that to expand.
  • Also started work on images for each dish so we can update this Dishes list!
  • Added new section to Forum - Your Gamecenter Id - this is a section to post your Gamecenter id in an effort to get more friends. Feel free to friend me! No guarantees I will cook for you, I usually wait for the third date for that.
  • Added templates for updates, added template, and limited updates displayed on main page
  • Added two new moderators, Sheb the Chef and Ruizkrc, both have made awesome contributions and love Zombie slave labor
  • We have made continued work on getting more images from the game. Check out the Zombie List progress
  • Forums are going well, today we are up to about 450 unique visits with a page per visit rate up to 10. That is awesome! We had over 4,000 page hits today!

Hide your daughters, Hide your wifes, Hide your Husbands. We will Zombify all!

  • Add more advertising to support site payment
  • Updated permissions to allow all members to add and edit pages
  • Continued work on new, awesome, thumbnail Zombie List Page
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