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Welcome to the Zombie Cafe Wiki. Here you will find information on all the Zombies, Dishes, and all items in the Store from Zombie Cafe. Everyone is welcome to contribute by signing up here. Also, do not forget to check out our popular Forum Section where you can find help from some of the best in game.

Newest Zombies

It was a no brainier all along; employee ZOMBIES!

Game Updates

1.0.05 - 5/4/2011

* Added Mad Scientist enemy cafe and enemy chef type
* Added level 21, 22 and 23
* Added two new recipes
* Added new enemy cafe layouts

Site Updates

Added a bunch today!
  • New CHEATS section to the forum
  • Added templates and updated the Dishes listing page
  • Added some sweet pictures to the main page
  • Added templates for the Dish Variations
  • Added quick Sitemap and submitted properly formatted site maps to all major search engine
  • Add more advertising to support site payment
  • Updated permissions to allow all members to add and edit pages
  • Continued work on new, awesome, thumbnail Zombie List Page
  • Added two new moderators, Sheb the Chef and Ruizkrc, both have made awesome contributions and love Zombie slave labor
  • We have made continued work on getting more images from the game. Check out the Zombie List progress
  • Forums are going well, today we are up to about 450 unique visits with a page per visit rate up to 10. That is awesome! We had over 4,000 page hits today!

Hide your daughters, Hide your wifes, Hide your Husbands. We will Zombify all!

  • Added new section to Forum - Your Gamecenter Id - this is a section to post your Gamecenter id in an effort to get more friends. Feel free to friend me! No guarantees I will cook for you, I usually wait for the third date for that.
  • Added templates for updates, added template, and limited updates displayed on main page
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