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Welcome to the Zombie Cafe Wiki. Here you will find information on all the Zombies, Dishes, and all items in the Store from Zombie Cafe. Everyone is welcome to contribute by signing up here. Also, do not forget to check out our popular Forum Section where you can find help from some of the best in game.

Newest Zombies

It was a no brainier all along; employee ZOMBIES!

Game Updates

1.0.05 - 5/4/2011

* Added Mad Scientist enemy cafe and enemy chef type
* Added level 21, 22 and 23
* Added two new recipes
* Added new enemy cafe layouts

Site Updates

  • Added new zombie list to to Main Page
  • Worked on partnership with advertisers
  • Updated the Special list within the store. Working on pictures.

if it bleeds we can kill eat it. - the governator, 1987

  • steriods will turn you green
  • Completed most of the new thumbnail Dish List only five known dishes left. Just need to format a couple more things the design and this will be rolled live.
  • Finally finished the Zombie List page. All zombie should now be edited through their respective pages.
  • Verified the Toxin Hack. It works check out my results. I recommend not playing around it too much. The game stops at level 20 :-(
  • Working on new Dish List complete with thumbnails. Let us know what you think here
  • Fixed Zombie display issue in IE 9 Beta… (yea I have it installed…FML)
  • Site has been up for a bit over two weeks and I would like to point out that we are now over 6,000 hits per day!
  • Look forward to a new design to the site layout, i work on a machine that runs uber high resolution yet, the current site only runs at about 900. I am going to change that to expand.
  • Also started work on images for each dish so we can update this Dishes list!
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