Reality Star - zombie - reality-star - reality star zombie -

She's slightly more famous than you are.

Veteran Cop - zombie - veteran-cop - cop veteran zombie -

He's still taking a bite out of crime…and his favorite sandwich

Middleweight - zombie - middleweight - charecter middle middlewieght toxin vials weight zombie -

How do you eat with boxing gloves on?

Yokozuna - zombie - yokozuna - cafe charecter vials wiki yokozuna zombie -

He weighs a quarter of a ton, and he's here to gain more.

Benchwarmer - zombie - benchwarmer - benchwarmer charecter toxin vials zombie -

His Mom Says he's still helping the team.

Has Been - zombie - has-been - been cafe character has has-been toxin vials wiki zombie -


He could have been a contender, now he just wants lunch.

downgraded version of boxer. hard to come by like movie star

CEO - zombie - ceo - cafe cash ceo character wiki zombie -



He integrates high-level corporate strategies into every meal acquisition.

Movie Star - zombie - movie-star - cafe character movie star toxin vials wiki zombie -


Celebrity»Supermodel»Movie Star

The award-winning actress makes her debut in your restaurant.

Get tips and moves fast.

Supermodel - zombie - supermodel - cafe celebrity character supermodel vials wiki zombie -


Celebrity»Supermodel»Movie Star

She's come in for a quick zero-calorie snack before her next photo shoot.

Class Clown - zombie - class-clown - cafe cash class clown punk teenager wiki zombie -


No amount of detention will keep him from thinking he's the star of the show.

Upgrade of Teenager « Punk.

Generates energy quickly.
More aggressive than most other zombies.

Engineer - zombie - engineer - -


He's a construction engineer that needs a quick bite before he gets back on the job.
Upgrade of construction worker.
A bit more powerful than its predecessor.

Mathlete - zombie - mathlete - cafe cash mathlete nerd wiki zombie -


He's hungry for a good meal, and afterwards, some PI.

Upgrade of nerd.

Eats both energy and distance fast.

Politician - zombie - politician - cafe cash politician wiki zombie -


He's here on his lunch break to win your vote and get a coffee.

Acquires tips at an acceptable rate.

The Champ - zombie - the-champ - boxer cafe champ the vials wiki zombie -


This heavyweight champ just wants to KO his hunger.

Construction Worker - zombie - construction-worker - cafe cash construction wiki worker zombie -


You load sixteen tons, what do ya get? Something to drink and something on bread.

CIO - zombie - cio - cafe cash cio mathlete nerd wiki zombie -


Software billionaire. This guy knows how to make money.

Fire Chief - zombie - fire-chief - cafe cash chief fighter fire wiki zombie -


Putting out fires and inspecting buildings really works up an appetite.

Celebrity - zombie - celebrity - cafe celebrity vials wiki zombie -


Celebrity»Supermodel»Movie Star

She eats here when she's busy ducking the tabloid reporters and the paparazzi.

Traffic Cop - zombie - traffic-cop - cafe cop traffic vials wiki zombie -


He knows how to direct traffic, and keep a cool head.

Local Hero - zombie - local-hero - cafe cop hero local police vials wiki zombie -


He both serves and protects your customers.

Stoogey The Clown - zombie - stoogey-the-clown - cafe clown stoogey the vials zombie -


Stoogey the clown knows how to make people laugh. If only Stoogey could love.

Remarkably good. 1/5 tipping rate is amazing, and hits fast in battles.
While fighting, he doesn't do as much damage per hit as some other zombies, but hits fast enough he's just as effective.

Sumo Wrestler - zombie - sumo-wrestler - cafe sumo vials wiki wrestler zombie -


He consumes 20,000 calories a day, which most people find quite terrifying.

Veteran - zombie - veteran - cafe cash veteran wiki zombie -


He's tough. He's fought in wars, ya know. World wars, now he's serving your customers.

A bit more powerful than the average zombie.

Clown - zombie - clown - cafe clown vials wiki zombie -


He makes for an amusing addition to your clientele.

Boxer - zombie - boxer - boxer cafe vials zombie -


Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee, eats like a horse.

Nerd - zombie - nerd - cafe cash mathlete nerd wiki zombie -


He's still got his lunch money and he intends to spend it.

Upgrades to Mathlete

Star Player - zombie - star-player - cafe player star vials zombie -


Star Player Hes won the Heisman trophy and now he is down for a big meal.

Football Player - zombie - football-player - cafe football palyer vials zombie -


He's got a lot of muscle and a lot of hustle.

Sergeant - zombie - sergeant - cafe segeant vials zombie -


The head of the police dept. Is calling all units to come have the lunch special.

Cop - zombie - cop - cafe cop vials wiki zombie -


He's swinging by his local food joint while he's on his beat.

Foreman - zombie - foreman - cafe foreman zombie -


Foremanned is forearmed, to the teeth.

Executive - zombie - executive - businessman cafe cash executive politican wiki zombie -


He's a synergistic team player that leverages his middle management postion to get himself something to eat.

Upgrade of businessman… but in tips, he's an upgrade of politician.

More tips than the politician.

Fire Fighter - zombie - fire-fighter - cafe fighter fire wiki zombie -


Only you can prevent this firefighter from going away hungry.

Cop - zombie - police - - He's swinging by his local food joint while he's on his beat.

Yoga Instructor - zombie - yoga-instructor - cafe free instructor wiki yoga zombie -


All that physical contortion builds up a healthy appetite.

Nothing too special.
Supposedly acquires tips faster than most.

Under Achiever - zombie - under-achiever - achiever cafe free under wiki zombie -


He's getting a bite to eat while he avoids writing an essay.

Telemarketer - zombie - telemarketer - cafe free telemarketer wiki zombie -


The only thing she knows how to do is convince people to switch long-distance plans.

Nothing too special.
Acquires tips at a better rate than most.

Teenager - zombie - teenager - cafe class clown free punk teenager wiki zombie -


He's full of youthful energy and backtalk.

Upgrades to Punk » Class Clown

Generates energy faster than usual.
A bit more aggressive than usual.

Teacher - zombie - teacher - cafe free teacher wiki zombie -


Give her a good meal, or she'll give you detention.

Retiree - zombie - retiree - cafe free retiree wiki zombie -


He's enjoying his retirement by taking 20 minutes to decide what he wants to eat.

Punk - zombie - punk - cafe cash class clown punk teenager wiki zombie -


He stinks it to the man by rarely tipping.

Upgrade of teenager
Upgrades to class-clown

Generates energy quickly.
More aggressive than most other zombies.

Generic - zombie - generic - cafe free generic wiki zombie -


Just your average, hungry customer.

Couch Potato - zombie - couch-potato - cafe couch free potato wiki zombie -


He's taking a break from loafing to fill his stomach

Daydreams a bit more than usual.

Centenarian - zombie - centenarian - cafe centenarian free wiki zombie -


He's 100 years old and can barely read the menu.

Day dreams a lot

Businesswomen - zombie - businesswomen - businesswoman cafe free wiki zombie -


She's a cubicle zombie, he's just not dead yet.

Nothing too special.

Businessman - zombie - businessman - businessman cafe free wiki zombie -


He's a cubicle zombie, He's just not dead yet.

Nothing too special.

Accountant - zombie - accountant - accountant cafe free wiki zombie -


Crunching numbers takes more concentration than nibbling on lunch.

Nothing too special. Daydreams less than usual.

Bussinesswomen - zombie - bussinesswomen - - She's a cubicle zombie, he's just not dead yet.


Caramel Adam's Apple - dish - caramel-adam-s-apple - -

Tofu Brain - dish - tofu-brain - -

Lion S Head Meatballs - dish - lion-s-head-meatballs - -

Rot Dogs - dish - rot-dogs - - Rot dog is a dish.

Rotdogs - dish - rotdogs - - Cost: $250
Level: 6
45 min. to cook
165 Servings
330 Total Earnings
98 Total XP

Hag Gus - dish - hag-gus - -

Anti Hero Sandwich - dish - anti-hero-sandwich - -

Guck A Mole - dish - guck-a-mole - -

Burro Ito - dish - burro-ito - -

Brine Shrimp Cocktail - dish - brine-shrimp-cocktail - -

Fileted Minion - dish - fileted-minion - cafe dish fileted minion recipe wiki zombie -

Escargut - dish - escargut - cafe dish escargut recipe wiki zombie -

Foie Gross - dish - foie-gross - cafe dish foi gross recipe wiki zombie -

Lady Fingers - dish - lady-fingers - cafe dish fingers lady recipe wiki zombie -

Bangers & Mush - dish - bangers-mush - & bangers cafe dish mush recipe wiki zombie -

Head Cheesesteak - dish - head-cheesesteak - cafe cheesesteak dish head recipe wiki zombie -

Fishy Chips - dish - fishy-chips - cafe chips dish fishy recipe wiki zombie -

Stake & Kidney Pie - dish - stake-kidney-pie - cafe dish kidney pie recipe stake wiki zombie -

Blood Pudding - dish - blood-pudding - blood cafe dish pudding recipe wiki zombie -

Loco Taco - dish - loco-taco - cafe dish loco recipe taco wiki zombie -

Chili Con Carney - dish - chili-con-carney - cafe carney chili con dish recipe wiki zombie -

Ground Chuck - dish - ground-chuck - cafe chuck dish ground recipe wiki zombie -

Muscles Sprouts - dish - muscles-sprouts - - 20

Entrail Ladas - dish - entrail-ladas - cafe dish entrail ladas recipe wiki zombie -

Misfortune Cookie - dish - misfortune-cookie - cafe dish faux noodles recipe wiki zombie -

Faux Noodles - dish - faux-noodles - - 11

Bul Goo Gi - dish - bul-goo-gi - - 10

Curry Slurry - dish - curry-slurry - cafe curry dish recipe slurry wiki zombie -

Wonton Goop - dish - wonton-goop - cafe dish goup recipe wiki wonton zombie -

Flied Lice - dish - flied-lice - cafe dish fried lice recipe wiki zombie -

Gnasty Gnocchi - dish - gnasty-gnocchi - cafe dish gnasty gnocchi recipe wiki zombie -

Fetidccine - dish - fetidccine - cafe dish fetidccine recipe wiki zombie -

Pork N Brains - dish - pork-n-brains - and brains cafe dish n pork recipe wiki zombie -

Tumor Melt - dish - tumor-melt - cafe dish melt recipe tumor wiki zombie -

Tiramisweeww - dish - tiramisweeww - cafe dish recipe tiramisweeww wiki zombie -

Wormicelli - dish - wormicelli - cafe dish recipe wiki wormicelli zombie -

Mac Fleas - dish - mac-fleas - and cafe dish fleas mac recipe wiki zombie -

Meat Lover Pizza - dish - meat-lover-pizza - cafe dish lover meat pizza recipe wiki zombie -

Zomelet - dish - zomelet - cafe dish recipe wiki zombie zomelet -

Sloppy Joe - dish - sloppy-joe - cafe dish joe recipe sloppy wiki zombie -

Onion Wrongs - dish - onion-wrongs - cafe dish onion recipe wiki wrongs zombie -

Green Plate Special - dish - green-plate-special - cafe dish green green-plate plate recipe special wiki zombie -

Handburger Flies - dish - handburger-flies - cafe dish flies handburger recipe wiki zombie -

Toe Jam Sandwich - dish - toe-jam-sandwich - cafe dish jam recipe sandwich toe wiki zombie -

Dough Not - dish - dough-not - cafe dish dough dough-not not recipe wiki zombie -

Gello Mold - dish - gello-mold - cafe dish gello mold recipe wiki zombie -

Finger Sandwiches - dish - finger-sandwiches - cafe dish finger recipe sandwhiches wiki zombie -

Green Eggs Sam - dish - green-eggs-sam - and cafe dish eggs green recipe sam wiki zombie -

Leftunders - dish - leftunders - cafe dish leftunders recipe wiki zombie -

Dishwater Soup - dish - dishwater-soup - cafe dish dishwater recipe soup water wiki zombie -

Hobo Delight - dish - hobo-delight - cafe delight dish hobo recipe wiki zombie -

Mystery Meat - dish - mystery-meat - cafe dish meat mystery recipe wiki zombie -

Dish Variations

Frozen - dish-variation - frozen - - Decreases cost by about 25% (3/4 of original cost).
Doubles cooking time.

Very Spicy - dish-variation - very-spicy - - Increases XP earned by 20%.

Spicy - dish-variation - spicy - - Increases XP earned by 10%.

Very Fancy - dish-variation - very-fancy - - Increases the cost and earning of each serving by £1.8 and £2, respectively.

Very Fresh - dish-variation - very-fresh - - No obvious distinction.
Assumed to greatly increase tipping rate.

Fancy - dish-variation - fancy - - Increases the cost and earning of each serving by $0.95 and $1, respectively.

Fresh - dish-variation - fresh - - Doubles the amount of time a meal can sit on the stove unattended before it burns.

Also assumed to increase tipping rate.

Very Quick - dish-variation - very-quick - - Decreases cooking time by 20%.

Quick - dish-variation - quick - - Decreases cooking time by 10%.

Bulk - dish-variation - bulk - - Doubles cost, servings, and earnings.

Play Free - _default - play-free - - xsasS

Zombies List Refresh - _default - zombies-list-refresh - - ——

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which dishes gain the most money? - _default - getting-started - - I think the best way to find out which of the dishes gain the most money is to calculate how many profit/costumer you'll gain.

You have to subtract the costs from the total earnings and divide it with the servings. Example:
Mystery meat costs $8 to prepare it and you earn $12 , so the profit is 4$. Then you divide it with the number of servings, so you have to calculate $4/12 servings. Now you know, that the profit you gain for every costumer is $0,333.

Backuping Up Game Data - _default - backup-game - - You can backup your game data using a application called IPhone Explorer. It is free to and it works on my IPod touch and IPad and neither are 'Jail Broken'. Browse to \Apps\com.capcom.capcommobile\Library\Preferences\ (this path may be different on different devices). Copy com.capcommobile.zombiecafe.plist over to your local computer. This file contains the game state (Levels, Toxin, Money, etc…).

Dish List - _default - dish-list - best cafe dish dishes list recipes wiki zombie - [[/div]]



Cook Time





Profit / M

XP / M

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Restaurant Design - _default - restaurant-design - - 1) Optimal space saving, 9 tables with a circular walkway, 2 stoves and space for another sink or whatever you'd like (at the left side). Though this needs all your staff 24/7 to operate properly and not get any angry customers since large movements are required.

Hints and Tips - _default - strategy - - In this section you will find hints and tips on gameplay. More information on these topics can be found in the Hints / Tips / Strategy section of the Forum.

Game AI - _default - game-ai - - Congratulations on your purchase of a BrainWorks™ Zombie work contract!

Style Green Heaven - _default - style-green-heaven - -

Dishes List - _default - dishes-list - - place holder

Friends - _default - friends - - Some notes about friends.

Update List - _default - update-list - - : %%content{1}%% : %%content{2}%%

Alexa - _default - alexa - - [[embed]]
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Zombies List Pictures Needed - _default - zombies-list-pictures-needed - been cafe ceo characters cio executive generic has has-been hero list local model movie politican star super supermodel wiki zombie zombies - Like a 17 year old virgin on prom night who thinks she is cool by bringing a 25 year guy. They are ready to be infected.

Zombies List Free - _default - zombies-list-free - cafe cash characters cost customers free level list power speed tips toxin vial vials wiki zombie zombies - Like a 17 year old virgin on prom night who thinks she is cool by bringing a 25 year guy. They are ready to be infected.

Zombies List Cash - _default - zombies-list-cash - cafe cash characters list wiki zombie - Like a 17 year old virgin on prom night who thinks she is cool by bringing a 25 year guy. They are ready to be infected.

Zombies List Toxin - _default - zombies-list-toxin - boxer cafe celebrity champ character clown cop football list player sergeant star stoogey sumo the traffic vials wiki wrestler zombie - Like a 17 year old virgin on prom night who thinks she is cool by bringing a 25 year guy. They are ready to be infected.

Cafe - _default - cafe - - Save your cash and vials and expand your Zombie Cafe!
All cafes are square in shape.
You must achieve the previous level to get the next. For example, you have to first expand to 9 squares and then you can expand to 10 squares.

Special - _default - special - - Treat your customers to a few extras like Arcade games and Television.

Cash - _default - cash - - You're able to trade in your Zombie Vials for cash to make your Cafe pretty!

Dish Statistics - _default - dish-statistics - - As it turns out, among the best dishes are Caramel Adams Apples, Mystery Meat, Hobo Delight, Haggis, Army Rations and Misfortune Cookie. The worst being dishes such as Fetidccine, Tumor Melt, and Sloppy "Joe".

Updates - _default - updates - -

Zombies List - _default - zombies-list - accountant boxer cafe cash characters clown cop cost customers engineer fighter fire firefighter free hero level list local power speed sumo tips toxin vial vials wiki zombie zombies - [[/div]]

Sitemap - _default - sitemap - - --

Cooking - _default - cooking - - Cooking is easily one of the most important aspects of the game:
1. It is the easiest and most efficient way of acquiring EXP.
2. It provides most, if not all, of the food served in your cafe.

Guides - _default - guides - attacking cafe cooking guide start walkthrough zombie - || Getting Started || ||
Attacking Walkthrough on attacking competing restaurants
Cooking Basic guide to cooking

Quick - _default - quick - - Decreases cooking time by approximately 13%.

Fresh - _default - fresh - - No obvious distinction.
Assumed to increase tipping rate.

Acquiring Vials - _default - acquiring-vials - - Vials of toxin are extraordinarily effective and useful, but are hard to get without paying money.

Attacking - _default - attacking - attacking cafe guide walkthrough zombie - First off, remember that attacking is the only way zombies can die. Upon dying, zombies require either a toxin or an 8-hour time-span to revive.

Picking Your Staff - _default - picking-your-staff - - Zombies tend to either be good at either fighting or getting tips. Certain zombies are simply neutral and are not good or bad at either.

Designing Your Restaurant - _default - designing-your-restaurant - - The goal of designing the best restaurant would involve maximizing 2 things:efficiency and the number of tables available.
It is recommended you keep utility, decor, and other items at a minimum.

Walls/Floors - _default - walls-floors - - Zombies make horrible interior decorators. But you can use your keen eye to spruce up the place.

Furniture - _default - furniture - - A wise man once said there's an ass for every seat. Furniture of every color under the sun can be purchased here.

Utility - _default - utility - - Need to get stuff done? Look here to buy all the functional things your zombies will need to serve your customers. All of the utilities that you start out with will have a certain grimy charm that you just can't buy nowadays.

Decor - _default - decor - - Decor adds some ambiance for the patrons that are enjoying their "zombie" dishes. Pretty up the place a bit. Some decorations add the benefit of stars or generate money.

Store - _default - store - - [[/div]]

Dish Variations - _default - dish-variations - bulk cafe dish fancy fresh frozen quick spicy varations very zombie - (All?) dishes may have the below variations as options in the cookbook.
Variations provide a percentage multiplier to the dish. (Ex. cost of $100 becomes $200)
Variations can be acquired either through:
1) Raids on enemy cafes, or
2) Order through a friend's cafe (depends whether your friend has the dish in his/her menu).

Store - _default - furniture-and-decor - - || Item || Color || Cost||
Table White $150
Yellow $200
Green $200
Blue $200

Dishes - _default - dishes - 'n' and blood brains bul-goo-gi burro-ito cafe chuck cookie curry delight dish dishes dishwater dough dough-not eggs entrail-ladas faux fetidccine finger fleas flied flies gello gnasty gnocci goop green green-plate ground handburger hobo jam joe left leftunders lice lover mac meat meet melt misfortune mold mystery noodles not onion pizza plate pork pudding sam sandwhich sandwhiches sloppy slurry soup special tiramisweeww toe tumor unders variations wiki wonton wrongs zombie zomlet - [[/div]]

Zombies - _default - zombies - charecters customer firefighter list zombie zombies - Imageless List

Start - _default - start - bugs cafe cheats game guide hints ipad iphone ipod online tips wiki zombie zombies - [[=]]
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What is a Wiki Site? - _default - what-is-a-wiki-site - - According to Wikipedia, the world largest wiki site:

How To Edit Pages - Quickstart - _default - how-to-edit-pages - - If you are allowed to edit pages in this Site, simply click on edit button at the bottom of the page. This will open an editor.