Restaurant Design
6 by 7 Square Restaurant

1) Optimal space saving, 9 tables with a circular walkway, 2 stoves and space for another sink or whatever you'd like (at the left side). Though this needs all your staff 24/7 to operate properly and not get any angry customers since large movements are required.

2)For a new cafe, this set-up is nearly optimal for tables and serving efficiency. It has only two stoves, but your zombies can serve and clear very quickly.

3)It's possible to add one more table to this set up if necessary (by moving the empty counter in front of the first stove and replacing it with a table and chair set), but switching staff involves a lot more juggling of furniture.

7 x 8 Restaurant

1) Layout that is the most efficient for serving, with tables placed within 2 squares of table and sink

2) I think this is a good set up for the amount of tables and the space used. If I didn't have a vending machine I would make a walkway in between the counters for quicker serving.

3) This 10-table layout is designed for serving using only your chef. Minimum walk space from counter/sink to tables. 6 spaces free (white tiles) with 5 usable for stoves. Constant 4.5 stars with only one servant, two for max efficiency.

4) This a perfect 7x8 resteraunt that is perfect with a 5 man work crew that will remain with 5 stars and it has 13 tabels and chairs in all

8 by 9 Square Restaurant

1) This is an optimal 8x9 configuration with 15 tables. Consistant 4.5 stars with 3 zombies on staff. A bit of decoration helps put it over the top. This is not a vending machine friendly layout but tables could be removed.

View the 15 table layout here.

2) This is an 8x9 setup with 15 tables, basically 2 sets of closed serving rows manned by 3 zombies each. and another 2 on stove duty. 1 cash machine and fridge on the outside corners. consistent 5 stars (with a bit of boosters) with this setup. protects from attack and from zombies actually attacking customers (although i trap in an eating yokozuna when one of my zombies already has low health) layout here.

9 by 10 Square Restaurant

1) The most efficient and space saving format [allowing more space for decorations/machines ect.] is having only one straight row of squares for the servers to walk.
2) This is demonstrated here. You will only need around 13tables, even with slow servers.
3) To save even more space, the stoves can be placed aligning the left wall, and then chairs placed one square away from from the stoves. The row separating the stoves from the chairs can be used for customers to walk to chairs and for the zombies to stand while cooking. So this is how to set your cafe: [left-wall], [stoves], [free row], [chairs], [tables and food-benches], [free row], [tables and sinks], [chairs], [free row] and so on.

10 by 11 Square Restaurant

1) This setup is the maximum amount of tables (26) with 2 cash makers, 3 counters and 2 stoves. It also prevents attacks from others (by blocking your head chef) and stops a worn out zombie from attacking customers (since cooking wears them out so much faster). The best benefit is that this allows you to force a certain dish to be served, while stacking newly made food where you want so you can keep your food in order.

11 by 12 Square Restaurant

2) ( The BEST design in Zombie Café, Never compromise your chance to see as this link will expire!!)

Although, having many tables is a good thing, but the maximum amount of tables that would be used is around 15sets as long as there are sufficient servers to occupy them all.