Acquiring Vials

Vials of toxin are extraordinarily effective and useful, but are hard to get without paying money.

Vials can only be acquired the following ways:
1. The starting 5 vials

2. Invading and successfully killing the 'head chef' of an enemy restaurant. The drop rate of vials is low, and decreases the lower the level relative to yours of the enemy restaurant.

3. The online dailies. By cooking daily for 10 consecutive days with a source of internet available, you get 4 vials total. By cooking daily while online for eight more consecutive days you get 4 additional vials total. This continues to be true for as long as you're cooking streak remains unbroken. Dishes that take longer than 24 hrs to cook are only counted the day that they start, not each additional day that they cook. Just be sure to cook something at least every 24hrs while online and you shouldn't have any problems.

4. Purchasing them. The button to the toxin shop is in the top right.
This chart below gives price to # of toxin, respectively.


$4.99 vial.png 50
$9.99 double_vials.png 125
$24.99 triple_vials.png 350
$49.99 toxin_barrel.png 800
$99.99 toxin_barrel.png 2000

5. Adding friends who who Zombie Cafe to your Gamecenter (Gain Friends Here)
You will receive Vials at each of these stages

  • 1 Friend - 1 Vial
  • 3 Friends - 1 Vial
  • 10 Friends - 1 Vial

6. Capcom does offer some deal to upsell for other games. I received an advertisement for Hermit the Hermit, directly after updating the game, saying if I bought this game for $0.99 I would receive 10 Vials! I click the link but, did not purchase the game and still recieved the 10 Vials.

How to "start" the game with 8 Toxins:

When starting a new game you will be given 5 Toxins but during the tutorial process you will have the opportunity to earn an additional 3 toxins. In three separate events you will be given a Toxin and instructed to use it. You can avoid using these Toxins and save them! This will increase you starting Toxins to 8 (5 initial Toxins+3 tutorial Toxins)

The three events:
1) You will be instructed to cook an order of Mystery Meat. The tutorial give you a free Toxin and will prompt you to use it to finish the order instantly. Don't press the 'FINISH' button! If you wait for 2 minutes for the order to finish on its own you will get to keep the Toxin.
2) When you are able to infect a second zombie worker, you will be given the option to attack an Enemy Restaurant. When one of your zombies is about to die, a tutorial box will pop up. You will be given a free Toxin and instructed to use it to energize your zombie. Don't press the 'ENERGIZE' button! You can close the tutorial box by pressing the red X on the corner of the text box and you will be able to keep the Toxin.
3) When your zombie runs low on energy and attacks a customer, you will be given a free Toxin and prompted to use it to energize your zombie. Don't press the 'ENERGIZE' button! You will have to exit out of the game and reopen it. To close the game double click on the iPhone's home button and hold the Zombie Cafe Icon for 2-3 secs and press the red minus sign that appears. When you start up the game again, you will have the extra Toxin.